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Some Inspirational Sharings

Taking Time to Reset

resetting with a run - Piron Counseling

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed, irritated at small things, a bit of a pit in my stomach. Honestly, I’ve felt sort of “off” all week. Maybe a full moon hangover (even though it was a week ago, full moons have an effect on me)? The time change? The shift in weather? Heavy work load? All of the above? Regardless, I knew I needed a reset and to ground myself.

So I set out where I clear my head- nature. I started to run on my favorite trail with my pup. As I ran, which is a moving mediation for me, I debated whether to go to the top of the trail or not. Mind you the top of the trail is quite a climb and longer distance that I typically run on any given day. The dialogue that went through my head was – “honor what you need at this moment. Whatever you decide is enough and make it be enough”. As I continued through these thoughts I kept running. I knew in my gut I was not finished working through what I needed to accomplish out on the trail. I had to remind myself of my intention of running today, which was to clear my head, reset, and re-ground myself. I still had energy to move through. I still had thoughts to work through. As I kept going the last stretch of this trail is a rather steep hill, lovingly called “heart break hill”. I paused at the bottom and took a deep breath, glanced upward and kept on going. That was the push I needed.

resetting life - Piron Counseling

As I kept climbing and gaining elevation I felt the gentle wind and cooler air temperature on my face that you feel when you gain elevation. As I reached the top- I am greeted by my favorite and most meaningful pile of rocks (pictured). These rocks carry so much symbolism for me- more on that another time. In the midst of this pile of rocks there was one that was more flat and smooth than the others.

It offered me the perfect place to sit down and breathe deeply. To reset. And ground myself. And actually, where I wrote most of this entry.

Life gets busy. Life can get hectic. Ideally I’d love to avoid it- but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Typically, we try to “power through” the busyness. Or accept the busyness as a way of life. I have accepted that that is not a way of life for me and during those times of being overwhelmed is when it’s most important to come back to what grounds you as a person. Honoring what you need and be intentional about it.

Maybe a good start is by hearing someone speak on it. How about even more inspiration HERE.


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