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Some Inspirational Sharings

Let’s Do This. Share Your Story

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Let’s Do This!

Thank you to Home Depot for the slogan of “Let’s Do This”.

Ever have the project that continues to be on your to-do list for months… maybe even years? Well, that is this blog for me. When I started my private practice 6 years ago I had high intentions for blogging and offering my clients and others a place to go to, to share my thoughts and insights. Well, as it turns out, starting a private practice, raising two children, and supporting a traveling hard-working husband takes up more time than I budgeted for. Such as life. And I would not take back one moment of being available and present to my personal and professional life. And by the way, I am still taking on all those roles, just finding more balance in the process.

That being said, a few weeks ago I commenced a new decade in my life. I was fortunate enough to go away on a wellness retreat/ conference in Arizona a few weeks prior to my birthday. Part of my intention of going on this retreat, called revitalize hosted by mindbodygreen, was to get out of my comfort zone, be inspired, be challenged, and develop new relationships with like-minded people. All of my intentions were met… actually exceeded.

Throughout the three days in the desert, I had a few different experiences with fellow “revitalizers” that encouraged me to share more about my journey and in the words of a beautiful woman who I was fortunate to have a reiki session with, said, “you have light that you are not spreading to the depths you are capable of”.  So at the time of departing, my inspirers had me promise that I would start to write and “share my light”. And so here I am. Writing. I’ve asked myself my intentions for writing. Who I am writing for? And the conclusion I have come to is the power of sharing. As a therapist, I believe in the healing power of sharing our journey. Our stories. Our experiences – positive or negative. So here is my attempt to be vulnerable and share in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. There is opportunity to learn and grown from one another.

Lets Do This!

*Feel free to always contact me with questions, comments, feedback, and of course, I always love your stories!

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