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Happy Thanksgiving!

Let me start by saying Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A holiday that is a about giving gratitude. What a beautiful thing!

As I have been on my own journey working through my discomfort with uncertainty, anxiety, and letting go of the need for control, I have found that practicing gratitude is the ultimate antidote to these struggles. Each day I find time to honor my gratitude for all that I have in my life and all that surrounds me. There are many different ways to do this. My practice includes a gratitude journal, taking time to meditate, or being in nature or on my yoga mat. If you think about it, you cannot be grateful and anxious in the same moment. They cannot coexist. If you are practicing gratitude it requires you to be in the present, which as we all know is a gift to ourselves.

Often times we long for what we don’t have. We wish we for material things and relationships in our lives. This is living in the future, which is where anxiety is fostered. This tends to leave us in a place of disempowerment. However, if you shift those thoughts to ones of gratitude you become instantly empowered.

On this Thanksgiving holiday I wish each of you and your loved ones a special day celebrating all we have to be grateful for! Sending warm wishes from the sand and ocean in La Jolla! And continue to practice gratitude each day…

*A lovely thanksgiving tradition:

My husband’s family has a wonderful tradition that his Uncle graciously organizes and puts together. The tradition stands that each family member (3 generations) writes down his or her “thankfuls”. Each family member sends it to his Uncle prior to the holiday and then he puts them all together by oldest to youngest and each Thanksgiving holiday we have the opportunity to read and share each family member’s thankfuls. It is such a beautiful tradition. I welcome each of you to do the same in your own families to give the opportunity to share where we find our gratitude.


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