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Some Inspirational Sharings

Always be up for a Challenge!

In light of my last post related to finding motivation and having courage to take on new challenges, I wanted to write about how to stay grounded in the midst of this crazy thing called “life”. Our society has made it a way of life to be “busy”. How often when people ask us how we are doing, we respond with “busy” or “crazy” – or even the kicker, “I am crazy busy”. I don’t know about you, but I do not like being or feeling crazy or busy! I enjoy being engaged. But not crazy or busy. So why have we accepted this as a way of being? Correction – it is not being – it is a way of doing. We are doing without being. I talk to clients about this concept often. My clients will ask, how do I “be”? My response starts with a discussion related to engaging in our lives, our words, and our behaviors with intention. And to start this process we have to be grounded.

So what does all this look like?

First, set an intention for yourself. This can change and be fluid or it can be consistent. My intention – or mantra – for each day is:

Be kind to yourself and others

            Be patient with yourself and others

Without fail this intention offers me pause and contemplation before I engage. Here are a few common times where it helps me that maybe you could relate as well:

–       If judgment of others or of self creeps in – I stop and ask myself if I am being kind to others or myself.

–       If I am feeling short with my children or  overwhelmed the perpetual to-do list – I stop and ask myself if I am being patient with myself or others.

–       When self-doubt creeps in – how am I talking to myself? Is it coming from a kind place?

The intention offers us an invitation to slow down and interrupt the busyness and the craziness.

The other part of grounding oneself is taking time for you. I ask clients to start with the 2-3 minutes a day of challenging yourself to sit quietly. Be still. Eyes closed. Accept the thoughts that come in and out of your mind. Some might be thinking, Abigail, this is called meditation. Sure. Maybe it is, but I find when I ask clients to “meditate” initially there is a sense of fear or doubt if they can meditate (*More on this topic in another post). So for now, just try to find 2-3 minutes a day to be quiet. Be still. Eyes closed.


2 week challenge to begin to invite grounding into your life:

– Set an intention for yourself each day. Maybe it’s the same each day like mine or maybe it varies for what you want for yourself that day. Be creative. Be positive – for example, steer away from telling yourself not to do something. And always be kind in your intention.

– Offer yourself 2-3 minutes a day of sitting quietly, still, and with your eyes closed. (Set a timer if you have to, so you stay engaged in the exercise rather than the time. Trust me when I say, it can be uncomfortable at first).

I challenge each of you to do this for 2 weeks and let me know how it goes. How you feel. I promise it will not disappoint!


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