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What I Believe In


One of the most valuable gifts one can give themselves, is self-awareness. Often times people begin to identify with their problems and struggles and the hardest thing to do is change because that could be viewed as a loss of self. I acknowledge that a decision to come into counseling is a courageous act and I am committed to meeting the client where they are in their personal journey through compassion and in a non-judgmental way.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts:

I believe that we exist as a result of our relationships, what we value, what we eat, and how we take care of body and mind. This is something each of us have to work hard to maintain and will have different perspectives on. I approach the counseling journey as not a temporary “fix” but encouraging the client (or family) to adapt a way of life through healthy living and life choices.



I believe we all have inherent strengths that sometimes become lost in a world of distraction, comparison, and competition. I aim to work with the client in identifying their strengths through focusing on the three Cs: connectedness, courage, and capability. We are all striving for goals of security, belongingness, significance and success. It is my hope that through a collaborative process these goals are met through positive life choices and healthy relationships.